Genius Hour Blog #1-February,16 2017



Over the last week, we learned how to set up own website and put something on it.  I suppose genius hour is a movement that student can do the things they interested in.  It can motivate my creativity  and improve my learning efficiency. I feel a little amazing because I can pay all of my attention to one thing. I can put what I  thought on the website, then the people of all over the world can see it, maybe some of them can open by mine and use it in other ways. I learned how to make pictures, set up website and put link on it. Once a time I could not set up the link. I didn’t know what happened ,I tried again and asked the teacher for help, but it still doesn’t work.  I found it is easy for me to calm down when I began to listen to the music . The computer become normal later . Probably I will  use this way in the future. It is really a good way to improve my personal ability.



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