Genius Hour Blog#2-February ,1 2017

Capture blog 2

I knew more about generous hour, and the basic steps of making  prezi. I feel excited because my growth of knowledge. Prezi is a software which used to show how to make something step by step. it is really helpful to learn something faster. Following the develop of technology, computer become more and more important. The growth of computer knowledge is very helpful to me in the future. That’s why I feel so excited. I learned how to put my ideas of generous hour on prezi. ( )  I’m not sure about the strong point of my prezi because I don’t  know which part of knowledge is my favorite. I click on all of the links to find out which one I’m interested in. I found my goal at the end of the class. My anticipate in the future is I can find a interesting part of computer knowledge and continue working on it. My theme of my proposal is how to  use photo shop to make beautiful images. I’m interested in photography, but some of my pictures are influence by the ray of light, I want to make them perfect. For my idea, I need to change my habit, i need to spend more time on learning how to use photo shop.


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