Genius Hour #5 – April 4


In the last week, our teacher let us work on our own project and upload a genius hour blog. I began to start creating the images that I wrote in my prezi over the past weeks. My images need photo shop’s knowledge, I searched on the website about how to use it. I felt almost crazy because I don’t know how to sectional drawing use photo shop, even though I looked through on the website, it still didn’t work. Therefore I changed to find images of my project. I support it is important to match the images, that really helpful for me to calm down. I wanted to learn some network knowledge in the future. Following the technology development, the use of internet become more and more important, many software have new functions, so I really cherish the IT class. Now I have grasped the basic knowledge of using photo shop. Though I cannot make fanatic images, I can use photo shop to change the images. On last Monday, I contain working on the photo shop. I didn’t feel tired on that day, I feel I was already interested in changing photos. Additionally, the thing that I did not expect was I found a lot of difference between photo shop in China and Canada. Therefore, sometimes I will have some using problem, and I think I will solve them in my future studying.


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