Genius Hour #6 – April 11


Last week, I changed the size, format, and luminance of the images, I learned the precise using of the the defective remove pen. I feel it was quite interesting to working with the images. One of the big problems in last week was  I didn’t know how to use the defective remove pen,  when I tried to eliminate some parts of the images, it always had some traces on the images that I changed. In order to solve that problem, I downloaded the photo shop software on my phone on the weekend. There are quite a lot of differences between the mobile phone version and the computer version, after several attempts, I know some basic knowledge of the mobile phone version photo shop. I finally found that we can’t use the defective remove pen to eliminate the whole images, if we enlarge the images then eliminate them, it will not leave any traces. My anticipate in the future is I can make the images of the level of photography using photo shop. I wrote the last Genius Hour web note last Monday, I was not inspired to work, I felt bad because I miss my weekends. The best thing that happened yesterday was we went to see the tulip in America, you can relax yourself in the sea of the flowers.


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