Genius Hour #7 – April 19


Over the last week, I started to do the modification of the images that need to be paste on the background of my project. I felt more relaxed than before because almost all of the pictures that I need to change in last week had already been chosen, but I still learned a lot over the past week, I learned some specific operation of photo shop, especially some tools that used to change the details. When I use these tools, some of them showed that the background had been locked, the tool were not not available, I reread and translate the warning, I found that if I double click on the keyboard, I could use the tools in a proper way. I think last week because nothing failed, so my anticipate in the future is I want to touch more specific operation. last Monday, I was not inspired to work because I just spent a good weekend, did not look forward to go to school. Look through my project, I think the strengths and weakness are both appear in a same way, my final project is photo shop, but our teacher also add the specific use of photo shop to the whole c lass. It really help me to solve some problems of photo shop when I do it by myself, to the country, I think is really different to bring new ideas into my own project because we already learn some knowledge.


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