Blog#4-Collaboration Tools- April 4, 2017


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Document sharing tools are the online document that can exit by many people in different computers at the same time. I learn how to use this kinds of idea, and I realize it is really helpful for people to exchange their ideas and problems. The tool I preferred is “Meetingwords “( ). It is free , it can help people clearly know who is adding the post, because different people have different colors, and this online software can show the time of the modifying, that avoid people stealing other people’s idea. On the country, “Meetingwords ” also have some cons. For example, the online document can only be saved  for seven days from the last time you had them open, then they will be deleted by the system. I think I will use this tool in the future, maybe I will use it to help me exchange my ideas with my classmate for our project.


Blog#3 Copyright thoughts-March 30

copy right

The Internet is intangible. The people who use Internet to do something illegal will let others loss the great deals. The people’s behavior maybe unmeant, but that will make the owners loss their rights. In addition, anyone is fair, the extra working must be paid. It just need to choose the labeled for noncommercial reuse for something if we don’t want to pay for them, we can protect others rights in a proper way.   The Internet is open that the illegal things can’t be punished, people need to supervise others. Therefore, the growth of awareness of law and morality is important to each netizen. Please show the respect to everyone, these things almost happened on each person, please imagine if it happened on you own, what will you do. Overall, it’s important to pay attention to the copyright.

Blog #2 – EA Reflection–March 10, 2017


    1. I suppose the EA website that I used yesterday is great, I had already enjoyed it, because we can learned a lot of knowledge during the videos and the interesting questions.
    2. I completed the first and the second modules. They are computer programming problems and math problems.
    3. I think the first lesson is a little bit difficult because it is about the computer knowledge, and the questions use a lot of terminologies. In addition, the second modules is much more easier, I’m good at math and I’m interested in math.
    4. I think we need to finish the lesson because it helps us to get more knowledge.
    5. The EA website is more like a education website, but it is more interested than the books, it can use to relax ourselves during  the free time.

Blog #1 – Pink Shirt Day—February 22, 2017

  1. pink shirt dayI suppose bullying is someone use their strength to tease others, which is without permission of the others.
  2. My favourite one is the second one: the bird. Because it makes a point: don’t try to bullying others, you will be teasing yourself at last, but if we stay in peace, everyone can have a better life.
  3. The message that each portrayed is the importance of stay in peace. Others maybe get hurt through you bully them just for kidding. We need to be friendly to others.
  4. Cyberbullying is people use the Internet to harm others in hostile manner. Compere to the tradition bullying, cyberbully is more secluded and powerful weapon to others. It happens on the Internet, we don’t know who make it. The police can’t catch anyone.
  5.   After, we need to realize the importance of unity. We must stop bullying others. The original event was organized by David Shepherd and Travis Price of Berwick, Nova Scotia, who in 2007 bought and distributed 50 pink shirts after male ninth grade student Jadrien Cota was bullied for wearing a pink shirt during the first day of school. ( I am an international student ,I haven’t heard this festival before).