Scratch Assignment

  1. Scratch is a programming language. What does that mean? Have you learned other programming languages? Give two examples of other programming languages.

Scratch in programming language is the correction or a surface area where something has been erased. The programming languages that I learned is action and COMPASS.

  1. Did you enjoy programming and Scratch? Explain. List some of your learning. For example: Sprites, costumes, loops, etc.

The program that I enjoyed in Scratch is the dancing cat, this is my first program in Scratch. I basically grasp the specific usage, at the beginning of the program, I was struggled with the wrong order which cause the false of the whole program, I pay a lot of time on it. Over this program, I learn that  patient is the most important things in study, the processing of learning new skills is boring and annoying, but if you can calm down and pay all of your attention on it, it will become more easier than before.

Assignment#6 Hide and seek

Assignment#5 Race to the finish



Assignment#2- BirthdayCard

Assignment#1- Dancing Cat


Photo shop Assignment

Lesson 5


Lesson 5


Lesson 4








Lesson 3





Lesson 2


Based on the picture in lesson 1, I

Lesson 1


I used photo shop to make this image on Monday, I use rectangular marquee tool to circle the parts of pictures , copy and paste on a  white background. I also use the transform to change the size and the direction of the cutting images. I learned some new operation of photo shop.

Fakebook Assignment


Here is my link to my page-Jeremy Stoppelman

I create this page using ClassTools – Fakebook. I choose Jeremy Stoppelman to research because he is the founder of Yelp which is a software for food researching. I like tasting delicious, but I am not really realize Canada, this software can help me make the best choice for my meal outside. It is really convent, it can save me a lot of time.


what you learn+ what u thought about FK +will u use this biography in other class?+………100

Timeline Assignment



I created my timeline using the Timetoast

Goal 1 – Learning a timeline program 

What was the learning intention or goal for this work? Did you achieve it? How do you know? Give evidence from the work.

The goal for my timeline assignment is I want to learn the history about the software -Facebook that I use everyday.  And I achieved to realize

Goal 2 – What was the importance of looking at the history of Facebook?

  How does this work connect to your interests or life experiences?

Goal 3 – What did you learn?  

Which aspects of the assignment were easy for you? Which ones were difficult?

What surprised you about this assignment?

What are you still wondering about now that you have completed the assignment?

Animoto  Assignment


Through doing this animoto video, I learned another way to make short video, and I realized  I need a thankful heart. The process of making a video using animoto is easier than any video production software that I used before. We only need choose the pictures and write sentences, the software will help us doing later stage compilation. Additionally, mother bear too much suffer to give us life.  When I was young, I am piquant and a made a lot of mistakes, but I mother was always be patient and taught me how to become a better person.

Avatar Assignment

build you wild self

pros: It uses watercolor to make it looks like a fairy illustration in the tale.

We can have varied kinds of choice.

cons: There are to many symbols of the website on the image.

Quality is not good.

planet creation

pros: The interesting face can let people interested in making another one.

It have strong colors

cons: The image  isn’t realistic.

The image is not realist.

portrait illustration maker

pros:The image is close to the reality.

There are a lot of unique styles choices.

cons: the image can’t be saved.

Quality is not good.

voki create

pros:Variety of styles mix together help the image can attract others attention.

Actually, during the process of making this avatar, the pictures are GIF, that’s really interesting.

cons: the image can’t be saved, we can only use snipping tools.

When we cut the image, the images become motionless.

south park avatar creator

pros: easy to make

The circular design can attract people’s attention.

cons: little selections.

Can’t remove the text on the figure.

doppel me

pros: It has an animation features.

Rich color.

cons: Too much similar selection

Low background image quality.

I think the best avatar is the second one. I spent the longest time on making this avatar because there are a lot of choices and the final image was interesting. The best program is the first  one, the choices look like a fairy illustration in the tale, this program is very imaginative.